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Tuesday, 29 December 2009
Long time no post (:

hello bloggers!! btw long time no post XD XD the day after tommorow, 2009 is over and 2010 is started! i hope in next year's better than this year

i have tumblr and multiply now XD but i like blogger a lot than multiply or tumblr

i make new skin now. i hope's better than this skin (:

*how about the banner?* banner? i guest i finished my skin first =____=

well, DONE for today (:

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Sunday, 13 December 2009
i'm free!

Hello peeps heheh i'm veryvery happy because, THERE'S NO EXAM AGAIN! XD also, i'm free to go to school. i don't go to school in 3 weeks XD hahah. also, i'll get my raport when 19th on desember ==.. i hope my score's nice XD

i missed pokemon AGAIN today T____T oh my haha but it's okay i can watch in youtube XD.

i wanna show you the film but.. i'm lazy to post it haha but maybe i will post it in next post..


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Sunday, 29 November 2009
New template

Hello all :D i have new template.. not-so-good of course ==.. but i think this's better than before ha-ha XD because, my header is animated haha XD

Tonight, there is a party in my house.. we'll grill barbeque XD but, i'm sad because, TOMOROW I MUST GO TO SCHOOL D:! ewww.. noo! =____=

i miss pokemon to watch it again because, i woke up at 09:00 and als the film's finished at 09:00.. i wanna watch it in youtube but.. i must wait the film to load -____- how boring..

umm.. okay folks, done for today.. i wanna make banner and buttonfor my blog x).. bye XD

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Friday, 27 November 2009

hello ppl~ last week, i stayed in hotel because, i bored in my home == when i was in hotel, i was bored and i wanna went to restaurant.i went to the restaurant with my mom

we went to place that many many restaurant! i confused..

Mom : what restaurant that you want to?

Me : mm.. up to you mom (:

Mom : how about c****** (i forgot what's the name) box restaurant?

Me : okay (:

my mom ordered singapore laksa and i just ordered frenchfries. my mom also ordered ice tea

Mom : you don't wanna drink?

Me : no, i wanna drink in starbucks cafe

Mom : okay

after the food was ready, i was eat the frenchfries. i wanna try my mom laksa's

Me : mom, may i try your laksa?

Mom : ofcourse ^^

Me : thanks mom XD

(after that, i tried that laksa and..)

Me : oh no it's hot!!! drink.. i wanna drink

(i took my mom drink)

after i drank that icetea, that icetea was empty..

Me : mom, the ice tea empty.. T_T

Mom : don't worry, the ice tea's refill

Me : really? horay! XD

i like my mom laksa's and than, i ate that laksa with my mom and i refill, refill and refill again that ice tea

Me : mom, why you never drank the icetea?

Mom : no because i'm shy

Me : why?

Mom : because, we're two people and just ordered 1 ice tea. haha they thought we have no modal ..

Me : haha you're right mom XD

everyone in restaurant see us because we always refill and two people just ordered one icetea omg =__= i just ate my mom laksa's little.. and the frenchfries that didn't make people full..

Me : mom.. i'm very full =___=

Mom : you ate little. oh i know, maybe you're too much drink hahaha

Me : haha

hahaha my mom is right.. i was full because too many drink


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Thursday, 19 November 2009
Little trouble in sign in

hello ppl~ i was get little trouble to sign in my blogger acccount because i forgot my email hehe.. but, i remember what is my pass T__T

i hate myself.. i hate my live.. i hate all ( except my friends ) if i do not live in this world.. *why?* sorry it's secret haha

done for today, bye (:


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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Yo peepo~ tomorrow, there's manymany homeworks and i'm lazy to doing my homework now == what should i do? i can't do that much..

there's 10+ homeworks D: all of that's math..i hope my teacher is not teaching in my class tomorrow XP XP


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Thursday, 5 November 2009
Religion teacher

Yo peeps.. My religion teacher was angry to me because i dunno what's my score when first exam. I dunno because my teacher didn't inform my score.. She thought she informed me score but, the fact's she didn't inform me score

Me : excuse me maam, may i know my score when first exam??
Teacher : hey! I think i was inform you your score! You asked me 2 or three times! You're deaf!!
Me : No! You never inform me my first exam. Yeah, because i appendixed exam
Teacher : No! Because you're deaf!
Me : But..
Me : ( How fuck.. )

Aaarrgghh.. I'm badmood because her but.. Stay calm.. Be patient.. ==


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